Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh, Good Lawrdy!

My work and party-planning have taken over my dining room. It's no longer a place to sit and eat with friends and family, it's now a place to store the mounds of supplies I need for the up-coming birthday party and baby shower I'm throwing, and the place where I sit down and work on my computer. I'm craving a craft/office room of my very own, a place where my junk isn't front and center when people walk in my home. 

Our house is pretty tiny, and what little space we have has been taken over by the kids. There are very few areas where I could actually carve out a place of my very own, and since moving is not an option at the moment, I'm going to have to get creative. Maybe I should just pay for my craft/organization goddess of a SIL over on Prudent Baby to fly in from LA and rescue me.

Joleen, playing with a few of my fancy stamps. I'm not even allowed to have my own stamps.
I'm guessing it's not everyday that you sit next to a printer while you eat your dinner in the dining room.
This is just embarrassing, my pretty Johnathan Adler vases have even been hidden from view.



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