Monday, July 30, 2012

Piqued My Fancy

I've got a slight touch of the Monday Grumpy Blues today. I have no motivation to leave the house. So, I'm at home painting and watching Yo Gabba Gabba with the kids and working on mountains of laundry...

Here's some internet finds that have piqued my fancy over last few days. Maybe my motivation will kick in and I'll make one of these this week. Here's to Tuesday!

#1. I'm itching to create a home-office space. Currently, I've set up shop at our dining room table and it's getting old, people. This office-space is chic, doesn't take up too much space, and screams, "you will feel creative here!".

#2. This playing-card-bow is a very simple idea, but one that would be great to keep in mind when wrapping a man-gift.

#3. What's this? Why it's an external battery charger for your iphone. This small girly gismo doesn't require a power-outlet, making it perfect to toss in your purse for emergency situations.

#4. Do you have a brown-sugar lover in your family. My FIL LOVES himself some dark brown sugar, so I'm going to have to try making him this brown sugar banana jam.  

#5. Scalloped shorts are adorable, and this outfit is the perfect example of how you can wear them. I also love this chick's ombre hair. 

#6. I tend to be kinda picky when it comes to buying clothes for Johnny. I can only handle so many tiny shirts and pants with trains, firetrucks, dinosaurs, dogs and ridiculous sayings on them. Making these DIY inkblot baby pants are a great way to cure my baby-boy-clothes-woes. I even want to attempt a neon 80's version of these for Jojo. 

#7. This art project looks super easy, and like something I can do with Jojo. I'm thinking we can make some cute stationary...

#8. This idea may reak of cheesy craftiness, but I don't care. I still want to do it. I really think I can expand on this idea and turn it into something chic. I'll report back on this...


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