Monday, August 20, 2012


I know I promised to reveal my kitchen make-over today, but I'm sad to say that I have not quite finished the project. It's not that it was too ambitious to get it done in a week, it's that Joleen has been sick since last Wednesday [can't a mom catch a break!] and I've not been able to dedicate my time to wrapping up the little details, nor have I really been able to leave the house to pick up a few knick-knacks. I'm also still waiting on a few things to arrive via Amazon that I thought would show up on Saturday.

I promise to post the reveal this week. Joleen still has the EXTREME runs [TMI?] today (five days and counting now), but she seems to have pepped up a bit - meaning she's no longer in fetal position on the couch and seems to be ok with letting me out of her sight for a few minutes at a time now.

So - I'm finally able to focus on my kitchen again today, but in place of the 'reveal' pics, here are a few pics from over the weekend...

Sick babies are so bittersweet.
Some Piper camera love - look at those turkey legs! {melt}
 PJ party 24/7!
During the one hour I was able to sneak out this weekend, I snagged these gems at TJMaxx on clearance for $10!
Starting to pep up and get her sillies back little-by-little.
Don't mind us - we're just getting a little work done [a bit of sneak peek of my kitchen!].
I know my hubby loves me b/c he's always helping me with one of 'my projects' [another sneak peek!].


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