Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitchen Reveal

Ok - so I know I promised this reveal last week, but better late than never, right? Are you ready to see what I've done to my kitchen???

See my kitchen organization/mini make-over after the jump...



 That pretty much covers the bigger transformations. Here are a few more pics of the finer details...
[Above my washer and dryer] 'laundry' photos and classier bottles to hold our detergents. There's even a 'lost sock' basket.
Neater [literally] way to store mops and ironing board knick-knacks.

With some painters tape, I quickly painted a chalkboard on our wall.
This over-the-door pantry rack has given us so much more storage space!
I added a rack and bought some spice magnets - this has been so convenient for when I'm cooking at the stove and has freed up a lot of space in drawers and cabinets. 
Don't have a back-splash for your stove? Just find a cheap piece of glass and some fabric you love and attach it to the wall with some brackets. Instant cheap and interchangeable decor and no more nasty wall!
No more mail on the counter and hunting for our keys. 
A little mirror and shelf for last minute glamming before heading out the door.
Found these letters for super cheap at Joanne's so I snagged them.
And now for my FAVORITE addition to my kitchen. This has been on my wishlist for years...
My new office-space!
What's Brendon's favorite addition to the kitchen?? Wait for it...

Out of everything I've done to this space, a stinkin' tiny deer hook is his favorite addition. MEN!
The kids favorite addition - Mr. Fox Pillow
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my updated and reorganized kitchen! If you have any questions about where I found an item or how I did something, leave them in the comments.

NOW... bathroom is next...


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