Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Potty Training Misery To Victory

We've been in the throes of potty training here at Casa de Curtis. To put it simply, it's been freakin' hard. I feel like we've been working with Joleen on being potty trained for months, but last week I finally put my big girl panties on and said enough is enough and I cut out the pull-ups completely.

The first couple of days were rough and messy, but last night we turned a corner when Joleen ran to the bathroom and made a poopoo all by herself! So it seems she's FINALLY able to sense when she has the urge to pee or poo - thank the good-lord.

Feeling optimistic, I sent Joleen to school this morning in 'big girl' undies along with a couple of changes of clothes in her backpack and hoped for the best. When I dropped her off, I promised her if she was able to be a big girl and use the potty by herself all day that she would get a BIG prize when she got home. Honestly, I didn't hold out much hope, but I was more than pleasantly surprised and proud when I went to pick her up and she was in the same outfit that I dropped her off in! VICTORY!

While she was at school, I went to Target with Johnny Lee, and we picked out this giant congratulatory bear-pillow for Jojo...

I'm hoping she will now stop throwing my couch cushions on the ground to lay on them...

She's in love and dragging Mr. Bear all over the house - even into the bathroom...

Maybe I should have bought two? Johnny seems smitten too...

Wish us continued luck on the potty training front! Although we seem to be out of the trenches for now, I'm sure the battle has only just begun!



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