Friday, September 14, 2012

Feeling Lucky

A couple of days ago I loaded up the kids and took them out to Franklin, TN to spend the afternoon with my mom and dad. Usually, I drop them off and go run errands because that's the only way I can get things accomplished during the week, but with no errands needing to be done, I just got to spend the afternoon with them.

Having ripe bananas that needed to be used, we decided to get baking. While in the kitchen with my mom and Jojo, I started having these overwhelming feelings of just feeling really lucky - I have such a beautiful family. I can honestly say that my mom and I are best-friends. She is the most amazing woman and one of the most important people in my life. I love her more than words can describe and I can't imagine her not being in my life or my children's lives.

Ok tearing up here... tired of banana bread, we opted to make a banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Oh man, it was soooooo good. I almost wish we hadn't made it because I have been walking by it the last couple days and taking forks full here and there. I almost want to pull and Miranda and pour soap all over it and toss it in the trash can...

 Click HERE for this banana cake recipe.
This is totally me, ya'all:


Have a fantabulous weekend!



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