Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest - Friend or Foe?

This picture makes my heart race with excitement. - Photo found on
I swear, Pinterest is going to get me arrested - yes, arrested. Does anyone else see shipping pallets laying around local businesses and think, how can I steal that pallet without anyone noticing? I see them and my mind instantly starts scheming, and visions of me dressed in black in the dead of night collecting shipping pallets around town goes through my head.

Once, I was driving on the interstate and a semi passed me, and on it's flatbed were thousands of shipping pallets just strapped to it like no big deal. I literally squealed, ya'all - and then for a split second I seriously considered following it, and if my kids hadn't been in my car with me, I very well may have.

Pinterest gets me into trouble a lot. I always tell those who have yet to join that it has changed my life, but when I really think about it, has it been for the better? My husband, who now has to deal with my craft-shit all over the house, would probably say no. He also probably hates the astronomical amounts I spend at Micheals and JoAnn's every week when I see a pin that I just have to try. Poor guy. Since discovering Pinterest, I'm constantly working on some 'project', and 'bettering' the house.

BUT, in my defense, the guy gets fed delicious new recipes that I find on Pinterest almost every night, the house is now extremely organized, I'm dressing cuter, my hair is cuter, my nails are always painted, I've found my inner craft-goddess, and even discovered that I may have a 'green-thumb' in me after all.

Right now, my craft-focus seems to be on what lush thing I can create with a shipping pallet. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the new art piece that I made out of an old shipping pallet, and now I just want to make all sorts of stuff...

Continue reading to see some amazing examples of what you can do with a simple shipping pallet...

Turn you backyard into your escape with this easy DIY pallet-bed - photo found on
Organize your garden next year and raise the bed with a shipping pallet- Photo found on
A very chic DIY toddler bed - Photo found on
A DIY rolling coffee table - Photo found on
Another DIY pallet-bed would be great in a playroom - Photo found on
A truly unique and one-of-a-kind playhouse for your tot(s) - Photo found on
A inexpensive headboard - Photo found on
This one blows my mind - an almost artistic pallet staircase - Photo found on
Natural and rustic kitchen storage - Photo found on
Kitchen pallet backsplash! Yes, please! - Photo found on
Rustic and unique pallet shelving - Photo found on


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