Monday, September 24, 2012


Can I b*#ch for a few minutes, please!?! I love my kids and my life, but today, I had a complete and utter breakdown, ya'all and all I want is to crawl in bed and watch trashy reality shows by myself.

It started this morning with wanting to take a quick shower by myself before Brendon left for work. Instead of a moment to myself to shave my legs and get my head together for the day, I had to listen to Joleen have an epic meltdown outside the bathroom door all because I wouldn't let her take a shower with me. With the exception of this morning, I can not remember taking a shower in the past year without Joleen. It's like I'm not allowed to be in the bathroom by myself and when I've tried, the epic meltdowns she has are just not worth it. Add this behavior to the fact that I can't leave a room for two minutes before Joleen is searching for me, her not going to bed until 11pm and the fact that she sneaks in bed with us in the middle of the night, and I'm seriously about to loose my ever living mind... and I miss my husband.

I LOVE Joleen so much, so please don't take this rant the wrong way, but the girl is so far lodged up my a$$ that I literally don't have a single moment alone anymore. I know this is my lot in life and most days it doesn't get to me, but today during one of my conference calls, she was just terrible and I ended up not being able to present a project I have been working on for weeks properly to my clients. It was a huge meeting and I felt like I blew it b/c Joleen was trying to crawl in my lap the entire call and I had worked so hard on this project/presentation only to feel like a failure.

Of course, this led to me being in complete tears and calling my husband in hysterics after my call and having him talk me off the ledge, which led to me feeling even worse because I know he has a stressful job and the last thing he needs is to have to worry about me.

I need a vacation, that and/or a prescription to xanax... I kid. I kid...sort of.

On a positive note, experiencing a day like today made me realize we need a reliable nanny for a few hours twice a week, so I got my butt on and have a few interviews scheduled for this week, so yippee! Hopefully I'll get some support in here soon and I won't have to write anymore of these vent-type posts.

To all you moms out there - Have you ever had a day (or several) where you just want to run away?

What a typical conference call looks like for me.
Determined to get in my lap as if that's her job.
As annoying as this can be, she's only 3 and doesn't understand. She really is a GREAT girl and is actually really well-behaved - and when she gives me kisses like that, all is forgiven.
...there's Johnny Lee. He's actually pretty good during my conference calls... for the most part.

Thank you for letting me vent. I feel much better. Tomorrow is a new day...

One more thing - THANK YOU, mommy for coming over this afternoon to do my grocery shopping and for taking Joleen with you! I seriously don't know what I would do without you.



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